Why Choose Us


Having over a decade of service, our consultants and technical team are fully equipped with comprehensive knowledge and experience to cope with different types of customers. Our team is well-trained to tailor-made the most cost-effective IT solution for each customers through understanding their particular goals, operation environments, and resources limitations.

Comparing with other IT solutions, My System Limited focus on the philosophy of cost-efficiency. We provide more comprehensive solutions and supports than other ordinary IT providers, with instant error-response services, My System offers the quality and efficiency of an independent IT department in your organization while the cost is minimized as low as possible.

We differentiate ourselves by:

  • Cost -Efficiency  Vs  Profit Maximization

We aimed at providing the most cost-efficiency solution to our customer instead of seeking maximum profit from selling inappropriate products.

  • Customer’s Business  Vs  Customer’s Computer

We care not only customer’s computer conditions, but also our customer’s business such as their staff technical know-how, operation practices, IT resources utilizations, and potential benefits of adopting new technologies, etc.

  • Solution Oriented  Vs  Problem-Fixing Oriented

We emphasize on providing our customer a comprehensive IT solution to prevent problems and minimize impact on unpredictable issues, rather than fire-fighting problem-fixing services.

  • Long Term Relationship  Vs  Once-Off Business Deal

We grow and build-up long term relationship with our customers. We understand that short-sighted once-off business deal approach will never reach a win-win situation with our customers.


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