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My System Limited offers the integration service for the hardware, software and system to create a high performance and seamless system operation to customer’s existing infrastructure.

My System Limited provides end to end training for your company staffs, and monitoring your systems, helping your company to improve the security level, stability, operational efficiency and availability of your organization’s computer farm, and to reduce the total cost of ownership.

24 Hours Ceaseless Hotline Support

With our ceaseless hotline support, your company is under fully protection whenever you call for help.

Remote Control Support

Time is the most valuable thing to our customers. Remote control support is the fastest way to solve your urgent problems without waiting our team to come to you.

Files & Printer Sharing

Ever having troubles with accessing shared files and printer when you need them? We maintain and look after these problems as well.

User-Accounts Management

The frequently changes of user accounts had become an obstacle to efficient management without a constant party to keep record. We do not only keep track of the records but also provide your company a well-managed format when you need.

Data backup, Restore and Scheduling Functionality

Digital data is the key to every business, we protect them with our best effort for your company. We provide consultation and maintenance to minimize the possibility of losing your key.

Server & PC Configuration and Troubleshooting

We treat every PCs and servers in your company seriously, we configure and maintain these machines in good condition before any error occurs.

Email & Internet Configuration

It is common dealing with internet connection error or emails cannot be sent or received, it is also our job to get your connection back as soon as you want.

Software & Drivers Updates and Installation

Publisher of software and drivers will announce updates to their products continuously, it is important to keep the products up-to-date that protect your machines from virus or errors.

Virus & Spam Scanning and Cleaning

It is as vital to keep our body healthy as your company’s computer system. Virus & spam not only affect the operation but also being a threat to your confidential information. We help you to monitor and remove any threats before they attack your system.

Adware & Spyware Elimination

Many free or even paid version of anti-virus software are unable to detect the adware & spyware, we eliminate all these unwanted programs and provide suitable training for your company, aimed to avoid those annoying and malicious software.

Hardware Inspection & Installation

Most of the users never noticed the symptoms when a hardware is about to malfunction. We always keep in touch with our clients to inspect if their machines behave abnormally before a failure occurs.