Network infrastructure has become one of the most strategic investments for corporations today. It enables a seamless operation and an effective use of resources.

Regardless of the network size, network performance problems can greatly impact a company’s operations. My System Limited provides the most advanced and suitable measures and solutions for your company.

Firewall & VPN Connection

With professional knowledge and follow market best practices, we design and set up most appropriate measures to protect and secure out clients.

Print Server / Network Capable Printers

Network-capable devices spread thoroughly in home and office environment, setting up such complicated scene requires professional and reliable engineers, and that is what we do.

Policies Appliance

Policies adopted by to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources.

Hub/Switch/Wireless AP/Cabling/Relocation

Every minor ingredient of the network map in your eyes may leads to disastrous consequences of your office. We discover, plan, build and observe every parts to protect your business.

Network Surveillance

Monitoring and supervising are the most efficient way to optimize productivity within a working environment. Appropriate installation of surveillance equipment provides a convenient way even you are not in office.

Internet Service & Infrastructure Consultation

Extra, spared and unnecessary equipment or services can be considered as a waste to your business. Our well-trained consultants provides pertinent suggestions to meet your requirements.

Network Problem Diagnosis & Maintenance

Network is a giant map of data transport, every single element represents a unique part of the puzzle. Periodically & regular monitoring and maintenance of your network provide you a stable and reliable working environment.

Active Directory/ Exchange Upgrading and Migration

AD and Exchange services require highly trained engineers to handle any kind of operations, our engineers are equipped with widely accepted professional certificates and qualifications proving their capability.

Wireless Network Planning

The increasing demand of installing wireless network is becoming a challenge to the security and network planning of an organization. With the access of guests into the local network through wireless network, a well-managed planning and installation is vital to the safety of confidential data and network security.


Well-arranged and managed one-factor authentication is vital for your organization’s security. Storing and persisting the authentication is also our priority besides setting it up.