Office 365 Registration

This is a lesson of how our customer should do when they need to register, download and install the new Office 365 application. Please follow the steps below to get the Office 365 account and application.

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Instruction of getting Office 365
(Based on Windows 7 + Google Chrome Version 46)

1. 「Click HERE」 or open an internet browser, copy this link: and paste it into the URL bar and press Enter.



2. Click 「Yes」 to agree the statement and click 「Next」 to proceed.



3. Fill in the blanks with a 「 * 」sign which are required to finish the registration. In the email column, enter if you wish to get our support on any Office 365 problems.



4. Fill in the correct contact number for futher account management purpose. Create your own 「username」, 「usergroup name」, and 「password」 for the Office 365 account.
– The username and usergroup name CANNOT be changed after the registration.



5. In the phone verification section, enter your contact number and choose between 「SMS」 or 「voice call」 to get your verification code. Enter your verification code into the correct column when you get it.
– Please ensure that your contact number is capable and able to receive SMS.
– Please be aware that you may need to pay additional charge to get the verification code through SMS or voice call according to the Terms & Conditions of your mobile phone service provider.



6. Please untick all the boxes shown below if you do not want to receive any advertisements from Microsoft. Click 「Create My Account」 to finish the registration process.



7. After registration, wait until the Office 365 admin page has been loaded. Inside this page, click the 「Setting icon」 on the upper-right corner, and choose 「Office 365 Settings」.



8. Inside the Settings page, you can Install and Manage Office 365, Change your password and Change the Office 365 Language.



9. Click the 「Install and Manage」 button, you will see the webpage below. Select the language you need and make sure 32 bit is selected. Lastly, click the 「Install」 button and an installation file will be downloaded.
– You can choose 64 bit by clicking the Advance button if you fully understand your risks and needs.



10. Open the installation file and it will download the required data automatically. Make sure your computer can be accessed into the internet during the process. You can then use the newest Microsoft Office application provided by Office 365 when the installation finished.