Remote Support

This is a lesson of how our customer should do when they need to download our Remote Support Application. Please follow the steps below to get our Remote Support from anywhere at anytime.

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Instruction of using TeamViewer MyMySupport
(Based on Windows 7 + Google Chrome Version 46)

1. Click HERE, or open an internet browser, simply type into the URL bar and press Enter.



2. The exe file will be downloaded automatically after you entered the correct URL into the URL bar.



3. Wait for the program to be executed, a window will be shown at the taskbar, click it.



4. Click the Yes button when the window below popped up.



5. Wait for the program to be executed, click Run when the Security Warning has shown.



6. Wait for the program to run. A green color label with Ready to Connect will be displayed when the program is running properly. Provide the ID and Password to our support technician for remote support.